Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey...The boys have arrived safe & sound...and I'm not sure what the girls think of that!

OK...Sorry I am a bit behind on this. Yesterday was a crazy day with 31 of our group already here and 70 more arriving. So here is the update for yesterday. The girls headed out in the morning for another sugarcane village and on the way stopped and picked up all sorts of toys, balls, Hula-Hoops and fingernail polish (which was really a big hit with the little girls). Our team stayed at the village for about 3 hours and just loved on all the kids, playing kickball, soccer,and giving pedicures. Watching how quickly the children learned how to do the Hulahoop was really cool as well. Two of our girls shared their testamonies as to how God has worked in their lives and we handed out two cases of Spanish Bibles.

The afternoon brought some pretty heavy rains that delayed both of the flights that all of our baseball playes, coaches and parents were on and the weather also flooded the softball fields where our girls were to play another softball game against a village team. So..we adjusted well by using the opportunity that God provided through the flooded fields to become MUCH more interactive and relational with the Dominican girls team as we all joined together in a friendly game of Kick Ball. The boys all arrived safely with the only damage being two equipment bags that were lost some where in Miami (hopefully delivered to us today) and a baseball bat that was damamged. We just arrived back at SCORE after our Sunday worship services in different village churches. I will post those pictures and provide the days updates either later today or tomorrow morning. God Bless all of you!

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