Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday in the Domincian Republic

This morning we went to a SCORE church plant in San Pedro. It was a pretty modern facility. The pastor spoke English and we got to sing in Spanish. After we sung a little with the Dominican people, there were a few baptisms. These were the first baptisms at this particular church. It was a waist deep concrete pool outside the church near the back left corner. A Dominican woman who was baptized was so overwhelmed as her sins were washed away. We then went to another building to hear a new American missionary lead us in English Sunday School. After that we all came back together in the main church to sing and complete the service.
The middle school and high school baseball teams left for the brand new Score Highlands Baseball Complex in Boca Chica to practice around 2 pm. This facility consists of two baseball fields and a softball field and is home to the San Francisco Giants Dominican League Affiliate. There are also soccer fields, volleyball court and two pools.
After dinner and before devotion time many of the boys, coaches and parents took the little walk down seven or so blocks to the beach. Devotion time completes the day and we have a visit to an orphanage and games for both high school teams and middle school teams are on the agenda for tomorrow.
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