Sunday, June 21, 2009

Arriving in the DR

Hey friends and family! We have arrived safely in the Dominican Republic. Sorry for the delay in getting the postings up, we have had some set backs with the internet. We will have more pictures up today of everyone!

This morning we went to a Dominican church in Santo Domingo. This was truly a great experience and we were very welcome among their congregation. This is all we have for now, the boys are about to go to their first practice before they start their games tomorrow, but we will hopefully have a lot more for you guys to view very soon so keep posted and thank you for your patience!

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Paige said...

I can't beleive you are all there playing baseball and ministering to the people. What a wonderful trip! Hope you are all doing well and having fun. Miss you. May God Bless you and keep you safe.
Paige (aka Collin's mom)