Monday, June 22, 2009

Dominican Republic Day 2

Hello friends and family! It is the end of day two and everyone is relaxing right now watching baseball after a long day of games and preaching the gospel. This morning we all got up early and headed off to the teams respective double headers. Both teams had great days playing baseball and both won some games! Between games we shared the gospel, with the help of a translator, to the Dominican teams and the response was amazing! Close to twenty individuals made a decision of faith and were given salvation bracelets and bibles. After the games both teams came back to the SCORE headquarters to grab some lunch and then we all head out to a small village near by to play with children and again share the gospel. The response again was amazing! All the kids had a great time playing with the kids and it was a memorable experience for all.

We will have more very soon! Enjoy!

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