Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dominican Republic Day 1

Hello friends and family! It is the end of day two, and everyone is in bed after a long day of church, practice, and fun on the beach. After the church service this morning we came back to the SCORE center for lunch and then headed out after to the practice field close by. The facilities were very nice and the team really enjoyed their time out there. After that we came back and got to spend time at the beach as well as get some dinner. Everyone is safe, having a good time, and in bed right now trying to get some rest before the double header tomorrow. This is all we have for now, but hope you are enjoying the pictures and thank you again for your patience. We will be posting more in the near future.

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Hollis said...

We are so glad that you are there safely. Thanks for your leadership on this experience of a lifetime. We look forward to more post.
Hollis & Sharon Barton